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In a world where dirty clothes and laundry are the norm…believe me when I say we have seen it all.

From the man taking off his jeans and tee shirt and sitting in his boxers while waiting for us to wash his clothes ( He certainly did not look like the guy in the Calvin Klein ad!!!).Also there were the Australian lady tourists, shall we say of a certain vintage, that undressed on the street down to their underwear and sat and ate sandwiches in their hire car while we Dry Cleaned their clothes.

We also had a young guy who was going to a wedding straight from work who stripped off his working clothes and got dressed in his suit, shirt and tie that we had just dry cleaned…I must say the smell of Lynx nearly knocked us out!!!!!Many a story and many a laugh … all with the same outcome…Nice clean, fresh smelling clothes.

It got me thinking that while everybody knows about washing clothes i.e .separate colours ,place in machine at the right temperature, add powder, softener etc, turn on, wait to finish and dry, how would know or think about the Dry Cleaning process and to be honest why would you?

When someone says “I must drop that in to the cleaners” That’s the end of it for them .Once they have their docket with the item, price and when to collect on it, our job begins.  So what is Dry Cleaning?

The Dry Cleaning process is anything but DRY. The clothes are (for the want of a better word) washed in a substance called perc (perchloroethylene).It is quite a simple process really. Garments that are not suitable for water washing are marked Dry Clean only. This is to ensure that there is no shrinkage or colour change, it is always best to follow the instructions on the care label.   Contrary to what many people might think but Dry Cleaning is good for your clothes to ensure longevity, as the textured soap that is used retextures and re-generates your favourite garments.

All garments after being thoroughly checked for stains etc are then placed into a large machine similar to a very large washer/dryer , the correct programme is selected for the type of items being cleaned and off we go. When the cycle is finished the clothes are taken out of the machine, clean, dry and ready for pressing. We like to hand iron and steam all our items as we find it has a much better finish than machine press. The finished garment is inspected for stains, carefully packaged and is then ready for the customer to collect.

We treat every item with the same care and respect. If you love your clothes enough to get them Dry Cleaned then we will love them too. Cleaned4You – Emerald Dry Cleaners & Washworld Laundrette are Eco friendly and abide by all the rules and regulations for Dry Cleaning (and believe me…. There are many!!!!)

So thank you for reading this, it’s just a little insight into a day in the life of Cleaned4You – Emerald Dry Cleaners & Washworld Laundrette… every day is different…. You never know who will walk in the door… Hopefully it will be you…See you soon.