Late last year we were lucky enough to be nominated for a category in the local business awards. We didn’t win first prize (there’s always next year) but the feedback was amazing and it gave us food for thought on how to improve all aspects of our Dry Cleaning and Launrette business. It was a great night of wonderful food, music and lots of dancing.

Looking around the room at all the women (and men) in their finery it got me thinking about other occasions where we dress up to the nines wanting to look our best…Weddings Communions Christenings .As the recession hit us badly a few years ago Dry Cleaning your clothes became more important than ever. We noticed that people were using the same outfit more than once for different occasions…and why not? I don’t believe in only wearing a dress once….We all work hard for our money and as you all know….CLOTHES aren’t cheap!!!!!In the boom times there probably be a different outfit for each occasion. I remember one girl telling me that she had seven weddings to go to in a year.!!!!…

That’s a lot of money to spend on dresses!!!!!Now it’s a different story…being a bit creative you can easily change up the look with different jackets shoes handbags and jewellery and keep the main item the same. So looking after that main item is so important. For men…suits can be extremely expensive too but with good care they can look great for years, a different shirt and tie and they are ready to go!!!!That’s where we come in…We know that Dry Cleaning is good for your clothes, it retextures them and helps to prolong your garments life.. but you also have a responsibility to your clothes…care for them and they will look fantastic.

Just a few little TIPS

  1. If you are not too tired after your night out.. hang up clothes (Not in the wardrobe …you will forget about them) can check them the next day when you’ve had a good sleep.
  2. At the venue DON’T hang your jacket on the back of a chair….people passing by may spill drinks or food on them…
  3. Guys…be mindful at the bar….the backs of waistcoats are where the stains will be…people standing behind you can spill their drink and you wont even notice
  4. PLEASE resist the urge to remove the stain yourself….all the tips you read about removing stains can damage your garment…we’ve heard it all…”I used a baby wipe.. poured white wine on it…sprayed it with deodorant.. threw holy water at it!!!!!.etc, etc, etc !!!!! WHY???)       All these home remedies do is to actually add more to the makes our job harder to remove it and unfortunately it could lock in the stain and we may not be able to remove it fully…. Our advice would be best to leave it to the Dry Cleaning professionals…let us do it …We have over 50 years experience so we must be doing something right !!!!

Going back to our night out at the business awards and with all the dancing everybody gets hot and sweaty….sweat lingers and will cling to your clothes…we use the most wonderful deodoriser…every time it’s used I imagine a fresh spring day…such a clean smell. That’s what we are all about clean fresh clothes beautifully pressed and ready for you to wear on your next big occasion.

Life gets in the way sometimes and unforeseen events will happen…unfortunately mainly funerals…We are a same day Dry Cleaners  and we do our utmost to have your garment in the quickest time possible. I suppose one of the most common questions is “Where can I find a Dry Cleaners near me?”….We are fortunate to have two shops in New Ross…one in the centre of town in Quay Street and one further up the town (with free parking) in Michael Street…So the answer is simple…We are the Dry Cleaners near you !!!!! Hope to see you soon!