Wedding Dress



Preserve Your Memories for a Lifetime with Our Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Service

Your wedding dress holds more than fabric, it embodies one of the most memorable occasions of your life.

Whether you aim to pass it on to future generations or cherish it as a memento, proper cleaning and storage are essential.

At Cleaned 4 You, we specialise in Dry Cleaning Wedding Dresses, offering express cleaning before the wedding or deep cleaning after your big day.

How Much To Dry Clean a Wedding Dress ?

Wedding dress dry cleaning cost varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of fabric.
  • The number of layers in the dress.
  • The thickness of the fabric.
  • The length of the train.
  • The level of staining on the dress.
  • The size of the box needed to preserve the dress.
  • The level of embellishment on the dress.
  • The delicacy of the fabric.

For further information, call 087 9267151 sending us an image of your dress and we will return a call to discuss an accurate price and any further cleaning requirements and Dress storage options.