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Our Laundry Service Process

Choose your approximate weight and pay

Our driver will weigh your washing on delivery and will collect the extra amount if owed.  Separation of washing incurs an additional wash fee of €10.

Once we receive your laundry, they will be tagged, checked and separated.  White clothing items will be washed in hot/warm water with detergent, bleach (if requested) and fabric softener. After washing, the clothes will be rinsed in cool water.

For dark and delicate items, they will be washed in a 40deg wash with detergent, and softener, and then be rinsed with cool water. All of your items will then be dried in heat dryers on low to medium heat.

After which, garments will be folded and or ironed, and properly packaged to be delivered back to you.

We wash at 40 degrees and use non-bio soap – should you require a hotter or wash any other special instruction wash please let us know by placing a note on your laundry bag or place a note on the form at checkout.

€1.10 per lb

€10 for wash separation

CLICK HERE if I would like some laundry ironed from my washing

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